About Catherine Skye

Catherine Skye is a rising star in the music community, with a vibrant inspirational new approach to music, she blends a number of music genres to come up with her own, unique sound.

From a very young age, she was captivated by the performing arts, with a passion to incorporate an artistic expression in everything she touches. Having grown up seeing live musicals in Toronto, Catherine was driven to emulate the greatness and creativity she saw in the performers on stage.

With a deep interest in music, dance, and painting, she would frequently enter into competitions to stretch herself and look for ways to combine these different ways to express herself creatively and artistically. Although she did not always come out on top, through strength, determination, and plenty of practice, Catherine grew her skills and her musical career from the ground up, with a bold and energetic approach to her music.

Having built up a catalog of music fairly early on, Catherine has been sharing her music online with her fans, and her talent has met with a great deal of support. Now, Catherine Skye is ready to enthusiastically take her career to the next level, and to take the music industry by storm with her passion and commitment to vibrant and expressive music.

Musical Inspirations

Catherine Skye is putting a new spin on the Pop genre, revitalizing the listener’s excitement by incorporating R&B, Jazz and EDM in lively, energetic and expressive creations that encourage the listener to get themselves up ‘off the ground’ and not let others ‘take your smile’.

As she has developed her own style, her passion for making music and spreading her energy is conveyed through powerful lyrics and melodies.